About the Team

CXC Team One of the CXC Team goals is to provide coaching, training, and modest financial support to a select few individuals that possess the talent, drive, and dedication to pursue a goal of international excellence at either the J1 Scando Cup, the Junior Worlds, the U23 Worlds, the World Cup, the World Championships, or the Winter Olympic Games.

Another goal of the CXC Team is to develop athletes that are ambassadors and role models. Athletes that spread awareness, knowledge, and enthusiasm in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our sport is part of the CXC vision.

CXC TEAM athletes have won multiple US National Championships, Super Tour Events, American Birkiebeiners, and the National Nordic Foundation Cup! Many athletes have also represented the US at the Junior World Championships, the U23 World Championships, the World Cup, the World Championships, and the Winter Olympic Games. Some of these athletes have stepped on to the podium at these events and also been named to the US Ski Team.