About the Team

CXC Team - Racing One of the CXC Team goals is to provide coaching, training, and modest financial support to a select few individuals that possess the talent, drive, and dedication to pursue a goal of international excellence at either the J1 Scando Cup, the Junior Worlds, the U23 Worlds, the World Cup, the World Championships, or the Winter Olympic Games.

Another goal of the CXC Team is to develop athletes that are ambassadors and role models. Athletes that spread awareness, knowledge, and enthusiasm in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our sport is part of the CXC vision.

New this year, CXC Team will be partnering with the Olympic Training Site in Marquette, MI to provide full time, high level training opportunities. Athletes that take advantage of this option will have access to great training, full ski testing lab, athletic training services, and schooling options. Team members will also have opportunity to participate in special team camps scheduled throughout year. Athletes may live in other areas but they are expected to attend a designated amount of team camps and team functions. The intent of this option is to provide team training and support experience with individual attention and then an opportunity to be home to train and work independently if so desired.