The Great Lakes Division of the Central Cross Country Ski Association includes the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. Skiers ages 13-19 race locally to qualify for the Junior National (JN) Nordic Ski Championships.

Each region has its own qualifying system of events hosted by a different club or organization to select the best athletes to compete at the US Junior Nationals. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels - from beginner racers to those with Olympic aspirations.

General Participation Tips

Whether you are new to the Junior National Qualifying (JNQ) races or a returning racer, here are some tips to help you feel comfortable with the process.

  • Registration for JNQ races typically closes on the Tuesday before the race. Plan your races and register early.

  • Give yourself the highest opportunity to earn a place on the Great Lakes team, and increase your elite racing experience, by participating in all the races if possible.

  • If you are on a school team, good communication with your coach is essential. Work together to establish a plan that supports both your school team and your JNQ races.

  • The Great Lakes team will be named after the final race in the JNQ series.

  • Junior National team members must have a USSA membership as well as a CXC membership. Serious competitors should not wait until February to do this.

  • Keep a close watch on the CXC website as race and JN trip details can change rapidly. The website will also be your first source for info on summer camps and clinics.
Finally, enjoy the experience of elite racing! The JNQ races and Junior Nationals trip are opportunities to meet and ski with the finest skiers in the Great Lakes and the country. It?s exciting, motivating and really fun.