The CXC/USSA Regional Training Center at Northern Michigan University is a program focused on providing living, studying, and training options to current, past and developing student athletes.

The goal of this training group is to bring skiers from different areas of the country to train with one another, while providing each athlete with a clear and concise training plan that caters to the individual athlete in order to improve upon fitness, technique and strength.

Individual goals will be achieved by evaluating each athlete's base fitness and technical skill at the beginning of the summer to determine the best approach for improving every aspect of the skier throughout the summer.

Marquette (MI) is the perfect location for summer training with miles of exciting single track trails for running and smooth bike paths and countryside roads for amazing rollerskiing directly from campus.


June 13 - August 16, 2017

Reserve a Spot

CXC Jr. Deve Program Camps

Central Cross Country Ski Association Nothern Michigan University


If interested in registering or reserving a spot for this Marquette Training Group please contact:

Andy Keller (CXC Team Head Coach)

Coaching Fees

Coaching will cover the expenses of coaching support of training sessions during the course of the summer. This will provide access to athletic training services, strength facilities, and work done on Rollerski treadmill.

FULL: June 15th-August 12th (65days) / $525

HALF-SUMMER: Any 30 days / $375

WEEK: must be arranged with a Coach / $150

Housing Options

Athletes that will be training with the program that wish to utilize the housing options on campus can utilize dorms at a cost of $15/day. If you would like to have your own single room an additional fee of $4/day is charged. Individuals can also search out their own housing in town that will suit their needs.

FULL: June 13th-August 16th (65 days) / $975

HALF-SUMMER: Any 30 days / $450

WEEK: $105

Meal Plans

Athletes that wish to utilize the dining halls for food services will have the ability to select from a variety of options to meet their needs. For those choosing to stay in the dorm housing, you will have access to a kitchen if you would like to prepare your own meals and forgo any dining meal options.

FULL MEAL PLAN / $25/day

75 VISIT PLAN / $525 *

50 VISIT PLAN / $365 *

25 VISIT PLAN / $195 *

* Subject to change due to pricing increase determined by NMU each year