The Junior Development Program is best used in conjunction with your local club or team and is meant to supplement your hometown programing and coaching.

CXC Junior Development Program

The CXC Junior Development Program (JDP) is a year-round approach to training that focuses on long-term development with support from full time CXC/U.S. Ski & Snowboard Level 200 Certified Coaching staff who are committed to helping U16-U20 athletes achieve their skiing goals.

The vision of the program is to promote an environment for motivated junior cross country skiers to succeed in attaining their performance goals.

The intent of the JDP is not to replace your local team, but to work with your local team to provide each individual programing opportunities to strive to achieve at high levels. The JDP will work best for a young athlete if they are working daily with a local club or HS team coach during the on snow ski season.

CXC Junior Development Program athletes generally strive to compete at national competition and continue their skiing career on an NCAA ski team.

Program Support

Athletes will progress through the competitive skiing pipeline with support from full time CXC coaches and facilities. The coaches at CXC aim to provide all the resources necessary for a higher level of performance including:

- Customized training plan that is periodized for peak performance at the most important races of the season;

- Support at Midwest Junior National Qualifier races;

- Consistent communication on training, summer and fall training camps;

- Performance and fitness evaluation for a specific and customizable training plan;

- Help with gear management and selection;

- Team apparel, discounted merchandise of select team sponsors;

- Goal-mapping sessions.

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Coaching Staff

Joe Haggenmiller / View Profile

Cell: (906) 281-1214 / Office: (608) 294-0433
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Program Cost

- 18 week training blue print from May - August;
- Monthly training review and progress report;
- Aerobic, anaerobic, strength and balance sport science testing.
- Three U16 Summer Training Camps

- 18 week training program utilizing training peaks from May - August;
- Monthly progress report on training reviewing the athlete's training log;
- 2 Evaluation/Planning/Goal Mapping Conferences (prior season review and end of dryland season);
- Wax support at JNQ race events;
- Three Summer Training Camps;
- Aerobic, anaerobic, strength and balance sport science testing;
- Technique analysis;
- CXC performance apparel.


- 26 week training program utilizing training peaks from May-October;
- Weekly email progress reports and training evaluation reviewing training log;
- 2 additional fitness testing and training weekends in the spring and Fall.


- 52 week training program utilizing training peaks from May -April ;
- Weekly phone conferences to discuss training progress and upcoming training and competitions;
- Most customized training plan.

    2018-2019 Athletes

  • Alex Button (U18) / Madison Nordic Ski Club
  • Alice House (U18) / Blackhawk Ski Club
  • Mia Case (U16) / Lakeland Nordic
  • Nina Chosy (U16) / Madison Nordic Ski Club
  • Gretchen Haggenmiller (U18) / Duluth XC Ski Club

    Alumni Athletes

  • Jessie Diggins
  • Tucker McCrerey
  • Olivia Amber
  • Nicolette Amber
  • Nichole Bathe
  • Kyle Brartrud
  • Andrew Nadler
  • Harris Dirnberger
  • Delaney Fitzpatrick
  • Emma Barnes
  • Gabriel Forest
  • Evan Patz
  • Erin Bolger
  • Nick Power
  • Adam Martin
  • Matt Nichols
  • Matt Kerr
  • Ian Liphart
  • Derek Kozak
  • Ben Hugus
  • Tony Mattioli
  • Lily Kraft
  • Alex Larson
  • Andy Dodds
  • Brooke Adams
  • Chelsea Tremblay
  • Keely Jackson
  • Rachel Hampton
  • Soren Anderson
  • Mark Wenzel
  • Joe Jackson
  • Phil Anschutz
  • Ashlee Marschall
  • Chris Parr
  • Sonja Hedblom
  • Luke Peters
  • Molly Burger
  • Eileen Burke
  • Hannah Sanborn
  • Erik Fagerstrom
  • Libby Ellis
  • Dan Delestry
  • Stefan Rhode Humphries
  • Sarah Lyle
  • Mack Fitzpatrick
  • Russell O'Brien
  • Nicole Gilman
  • Colin Liphart
  • Henry Gore
  • Sam Williams
  • Lexi Abric
  • Victoria Trantow
  • Mia Zutter
  • Hunter Dercks
  • Cullen Chosy
  • Gavin Martell
  • Eli Gore
  • Ian Casper
  • Mary Lyon
  • Carley Hintz

Training Plans

Skiers will obtain access to an online training plan. This online system allows the athlete to record training daily. Upon imputing training information, a CXC coach will provide feedback and suggestions on a weekly basis according to athletes' comments. This, along with weekly emails and/or phone calls, enables the athlete to have consistent communication with a full time USSA/CXC certified coach. To understand what this service provides visit

Personal Coaching

Athletes will receive a training plan that is in coordination with the training plan imposed by their club coaches. CXC coaches will communicate with the athlete and their club coach to provide extra support necessary for achieving goals and progressing themselves as cross country skiers.

Race Support

Athletes will be able to work with a coach on-site at major races (qualifying races for the Junior National Nordic Ski Championships and State Championships) throughout the Midwest. This includes ski preparation and general race-day support.