Junior Nationals

The Midwest Junior Committee is the governing body of Midwest Junior National Team and responsible for naming a team of athletes to compete at the yearly US Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Skiing Junior National Championships (JNs).

All criteria, by-laws and rules for the Midwest Junior skiing and development are set forth by the Midwest Junior Committee. This includes but is not limited to the governance of the Midwest Junior National Team and Junior National Qualifying Races.

The Midwest Junior National Team and Great Lakes Junior National Team athletes are selected based on a Regional Points and Rankings List generated from the results of the Junior National Qualifying (JNQ) races.

The goal of the Midwest and Great Lakes Junior National Teams is to introduce and elevate regionally successful athletes to the National racing scene.


Whether you are new to the Junior National Qualifying (JNQ) races or a returning racer, here are some tips to help you feel comfortable with the process.

  • Registration for JNQ races typically closes on the Tuesday before the race. Plan your races and register early.

  • Give yourself the highest opportunity to earn a place on the Midwest team, and increase your elite racing experience, by participating in all the races if possible.

  • If you are on a school team, good communication with your coach is essential. Work together to establish a plan that supports both your school team and your JNQ races.

  • The Midwest team will be named after the final race in the JNQ series.

  • Please be prepared to pay for the full cost of the US Junior National Nordic Ski Championships (JN) trip at the team naming that takes place after the final JNQ race if you are selected for the team. For instance, JN trip to Soldie Hollow (UT) in 2018 was $2,250 per Midwest team member. The required Midwest team uniform could be purchased new or borrowed/bought from a former team member if available.

  • Junior National team members must have a CXC/US Ski & Snowboard Membership. Serious competitors should not wait until February to do this.

  • Keep a close watch on the website as race and JN trip details can change rapidly. The website will also be your first source for info on summer camps and clinics.
Finally, enjoy the experience of elite racing! The JNQ races and Junior National Nordic Ski Championships trip are opportunities to meet and ski with the finest skiers in the Midwest and the country. It's exciting, motivating and really fun.