Midwest Jr. National Team Information

Adaptive Nordic Skiing is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow covered terrain using poles and skis. Nordic skiing is open to people with a physical disability or a visual impairment and blindness. Depending on the disability an individual may use a sit ski (a chair equipped with skis) or have individuals ski with them to act as sight guides.

Biathlon is the sport that combines precision shooting with cross-country skiing. The most important factor in Biathlon lies in the capacity of alternating the skills of Nordic Skiing and shooting accuracy. Individuals with blindness/visual impairment are assisted by acoustic signals, which depending on signal intensity, indicate when individual is on target.

Recreational Nordic Skiing
Recreational Sit SkiingRecreational Nordic skiing increases strength, mobility, endurance and balance as it prevents physical atrophy. Not only does it increase fitness it also fosters independence and a sense of freedom, allowing the participant to enjoy the spectacular views that winter in the Midwest can provide.

For people with disabilities, the process of becoming more self-sufficient is fundamental to self-esteem.

Competitive Nordic Skiing
Competitive Nordic skiing allows athletes to participate in short, middle and long distance event (sprints to 24k). There are local, regional and national level competitions available for individuals along with training camps and demo events.

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