CXC Congress

The Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) will conduct educational workshops for club leaders, host sport committee meetings and recognize some of the organization's top coaches, volunteers and community leaders at the inaugural CXC Congress.

As the regional governing body and Community Olympic Development Program, CXC provides leadership and direction for hundreds of young cross country skiers. CXC Congress is an opportunity for organizational partners, coaches and officials to evaluate and plan for the coming season.

By bringing together different groups and meetings this year, we're looking forward for better collaboration, communication and discussions, - commented Executive Director Yuriy Gusev. It's an excellent opportunity for our leaders from around the region to learn from each other and participate in the greater governing process.

CXC Congress is scheduled to take place April 6-8, with special guests in attendance. All presentations and meetings will take place at the Lismore Hotel, Eau Claire (WI), free to attend and open to the public.

* CXC Congress Packet and tickets to Awards Dinner can be purchased online.


The Lismore Hotel / Eau Claire, WI / 715-835-8888 / Booking Link (Group Name: US Ski & Snowboard)

Detailed Schedule & Agenda


Free - there is no fee to attend all presentations and meetings.

$25.00 - Awards Dinner

$50.00 - CXC Congress Packet and Awards Dinner

Online Registration
CXC Congress


Bringing awareness to those individuals that contribute time, effort, leadership and mentorship to others. On Saturday, April 7th, the Central Cross Country Skiing will present the following awards to individuals in our community:

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