Central Regional Elite Group Camp

CXC's Central Regional Elite Group (REG) seeks to bring together the top juniors in our region to train and receive feedback, educational materials, and a glimpse at the bigger picture of Nordic ski racing.

REG athletes will have a unique training opportunity this July. Invited 14-19-year-old athletes will take part in a six-day Regional Elite Group Camp under the leadership of both Central Cross Country Skiing and U.S. Ski Team staff. It's a high-level training experience to help high-achieving juniors step up even further.

The National Elite Group (NEG) athletes are selected from these REG groups around the country. In addition, the U.S. Ski Team invites athletes chosen to the National Elite Group to participate in additional camps.

Central (CXC) REG Qualification Criteria:

* Must be a returning Junior or First Year U23

- World Junior or U18 Nations Cup Qualifier

- Invited by US Ski & Snowboard to the International Junior Camp

- NCAA Championship Qualifier as a U20

- A JNs Automatic Qualifier for the GLD or MW Team

- Top 10 in an age group in an Individual Race at Junior Nationals (Top 8 for a second-year U20)

- Top 12 year-end Year of Birth Ranking on US Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List

- Top U16 Age Group JN qualifier from each division in each gender

- Top U18 Age Group JN qualifier from each division in each gender

- Top High School U20 Age Group JN qualifier from each division in each gender

- Top State HS Championship Meet Performer in the Final Pursuit Event Results (Top 10 MN, Top 5 WI, Top 2 MI, along with the top U16 @ each state meet)

- Coaches/Club Petition for Discretion for outstanding skiers missed by our criteria for excellence (Bullets 1-6 above) based upon near misses, injury/illness, or outstanding talent not captured above. All camp petitions must be submitted before May 15th.

- CXC shall attempt to ensure that the REG Training Camp includes a robust training group that benefits all athletes in attendance. For example, suppose the above criteria (after the decline of invitations) leaves the camp size gender imbalanced or smaller than ideal. In that case, the CXC JR Committees' leadership group may name further representative athletes using the U18/U20 JNQ lists and the US Ski and Snowboard Year of Birth NRL Lists to ensure a strong training group.
Central Regional Elite Group Camp

2023 Dates and Location:

July 11-16 / Location TBD

* The schedule may slightly change before camp; athletes will be updated if anything changes.

Central (CXC) REG Camp Cost:

The cost to attend an REG Camp is $643 per person and includes coaching, limited local transportation, food and lodging, and a 3% online processing fee (if paying on-line).

Alternatively, fill out the registration form online and skip the part when asked to finalize payment. Camp payment of $625 can then be made by check and mailed to:

CXC Skiing
P.O. Box 930442
Verona, WI 53593

* Qualified athletes will be sent invitations to register for the camp.

Meals & Lodging:

Athletes will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner and housed in dorm-style double occupancy rooms; NMU will be providing bedding; personal bedding is optional.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel between now and June 26th, we will refund 50% of your registration fee. However, if you cancel less than one week before the camp, we will be unable to offer any refund, and your registration fee will be counted as a tax-deductible donation.

* If you have an injury that causes you to miss a camp, CXC will offer a refund up to 1 week before camp, provided there is a doctor's note.

Additional Requirements:

- Please notify us as soon as you can if you will be attending the camp or not.

- U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership is required for those attending Central (CXC) Regional Elite Group Camp.

- There is a requirement in place from U.S. Ski Team: to participate in this camp, you need to e-mail us a summary of your training log from last year with monthly hours and total annual hour count and a summary of your training plan for the upcoming year in a similar format.

These two documents must be submitted by July 1st by e-mail (scanned or photographed) to REG Head Coach Leo Hipp. Before the camp, this information will be provided to the attending U.S. Ski Team Coach.

Required Forms:

Before you come to camp please complete and sign on-line

    1. Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement
    2. Medical Release and Permission Form
    3. Photo Release
    4. COVID-19 Agreement and Waiver


Coaches, we strongly encourage you to attend: must be U.S. Ski & Snowboard Level 100 or 200 certified; will have room fees and food covered; will be assigned camp roles and responsibilities upon selection.

Club or Team Coaches interested in attending are invited to apply.

On-line Registration | Camp Schedule | Summer Camps COVID-19 Policy

Questions? Let us know.

2022 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

19 APRIL 2022

# Name / Club-Program Affiliation


Sydney Drevlow, Loppet Nordic Racing
Molly Moening, Minneapolis Ski Club
Hanna Koch, Minneapolis Ski Club
Inga Wing, Loppet Nordic Racing
Maggie Wagner, NordicWerks SkiKlubb
Margot Nightengale, Loppet Nordic Racing
Jordan Parent, NordicWerks SkiKlubb
Hailee Zimpel, Minneapolis Ski Club
Gretchen Haggenmiller, Northern Michigan University Ski Team
Lauren McCollor, Northern Michigan University Ski Team
Linnea Urban, College of St. Scholastica Saints Ski Team
Gretta Engels, NordicWerks SkiKlubb
Greta Hansen, Minneapolis Ski Club
Della Bettendorf, Proctor High School
Zoe Devine, Ely High School
Lilianna Schaeffer, Brainerd High School
Jasper Johnston, Michigan Technological University Ski Team
Sam Stertz, Mt. Itasca Nordic Ski Club
Adrik Kraftson, Loppet Nordic Racing
Davis Isom, Minneapolis Ski Club
Benon Brattebo, Loppet Nordic Racing
Cooper Camp, Loppet Nordic Racing
Jonathan Clarke, Loppet Nordic Racing
Andrew Defor, Loppet Nordic Racing
Josh Frett, Loppet Nordic Racing
Daniel Mccollor, Minneapolis Ski Club
Mile Miner, Minneapolis Ski Club
Cooper Lennox, Northern Michigan University Ski Team
Roger Anderson, University of New Hampshire Ski Team
Colin Freed, Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Team
Noah Erickson, NordicWerks SkiKlubb
Ben Lewis, Loppet Nordic Racing
Owen Lindseth, Minneapolis Southwest High School
Ian Morse, North XC
Victor Sparks, Loppet Nordic Racing
Eric Anderson, Red Wing Nordic
Isak Nightingale, Loppet Nordic Racing


Fran Peterson, Chippewa Valley Nordic Ski Team
Easton Tolbert, Peak Nordic
Sophie Stephenson, Blackhawk Nordic Ski Team
Ella DeBruyn, Vasa Ski Club
Ryan Thieme, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
CJ Young, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Jakob Craig, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team
Greta Hansen, Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team
Mia Case, College of St. Scholastica Saints Ski Team
Ashley Grossklaus, Peak Nordic
Anne Straka, Peak Nordic
Sylvia Meza, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team
Casey VanHefty, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team
Kaden Hacker, Peak Nordic
Noah Straka, Peak Nordic
Owen Williams, Iola Winter Sports Club
Will Haapala, Vasa Ski Club
Cyrus Hamlin, Copper Country Ski Tigers
Arianne Olson, Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
Ingrid Seagren, Copper Country Ski Tigers
Birk Seagren, Copper Country Ski Tigers

2021 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

12 MAY 2021

# Name / Club-Program Affiliation

Matt Bourne, NMU
Skyler Patten, MTU
Henry Snider, MTU
James Schneider, UNH
Joseph Lynch, CSS
Colin Freed, LNR
Declan Hutchinson, North XC/CXC JDP
Cooper Lennox, NMU
Roger Anderson, LNR
Victor Sparks, LNR
Jasper Johnston, Ely/CXC JDP
Isak Nightingale, LNR
William Haapala, Vasa
Mike Fraley, CCST
Jackson Grant, Little Falls HS
Noah Erickson, Nordicwerks
Adrik Kraftson, LNR
Cooper Camp, LNR
Casey VanHefty, Lakeland
Owen Williams, IWSC/CXC JDP
Jonathan Clarke, LNR
Benon Brattebo, LNR
Davis Isom, MSC
Dietrich Mattison, Blackhawk
Edison Byrum, GRNST/CXC JDP
Damiel McCollor, MSC
Josh Frett, LNR
Miles Miner, MSC

Anabel Needham, Michigan Tech
Alice House, UNH
Molly Miller, NMU
Maj-Lis Helmer, CSS
Maggie Whitaker, CSS
Ingrid Seagren, CCST
Isabel Seay, Colby
Gretchen Haggenmiller, NMU
Margaret Dahlseth, LNR
Lauren McCollor, MSC
Mia Case, CSS
Grete Engels, LNR
Nina Chosy, Madnorski/CXC JDP
Arielle Jean, Vasa
Molly Moening, MSC
Maggie Wagner, Nordicwerks
Jordan Parent, Nordicwerks
Lily Brown, North XC/CXC JDP
Ashley Grossklaus, Peak
Elsa Bergman, Hopkins HS
Margo Nightingale, LNR
Natasha Sortland, RNST
Fran Peterson, CVN
Evelyn Hudrlik, Nordicwerks
Chloe Erickson, Nordicwerks
Annie Paulson, Vasa
Sydney Drevlow, LNR
Olympia Sparks, LNR
Inga Wing, LNR

2020 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

19 MAY 2020

# First Name / Last Name / Affiliation

Anders Sonnesyn, University of New Hampshire
Peter Moore, Endurance United/Bowdoin College
August Schatzlein, Loppet Nordic Racing/College of Saint Scholastica
James Schneider, Loppet Nordic Racing
Roger Anderson, Loppet Nordic Racing
Jasper Johnston, Ely/CXC JDP
Isak Nightengale, Loppet Nordic Racing
Victor Sparks, Loppet Nordic Racing
Matthew Bourne, Endurance United/Northern Michigan University
Johnny Saldin, Loppet Nordic Racing
Jonathan Clarke, Loppet Nordic Racing
Noah Straka, Peak Nordic
Henry Snider, Endurance United
Cooper Lennox, Loppet Nordic Racing
Adrik Kraftson, Loppet Nordic Racing
Owen Williams, Iola WSC/CXC JDP
Jackson Adler, Ashwabenon NST/University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Ryan Thieme, Ashwabenon NST
Cyrus Hamlin, Copper Country Ski Tigers

Mara McCollor, Minneapolis Ski Club/Dartmouth
Lucinda Anderson, Loppet Nordic Racing/University of New Hampshire
Morgan Richter, Loppet Nordic Racing
Maggie Wagner, Nordicwerks
Margo Nightengale, Loppet Nordic Racing
Lauren McCollor, Minneapolis Ski Club
Anabel Needham, Copper Country Ski Tigers/Michigan Tech
Emma Albrecht, Loppet Nordic Racing/Michigan Tech
Savanna Fassio, Northern Michigan University
Laura Ketterer - GER, University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Molly Miller - CAN, Northern Michigan University
Jordan Parent, Nordicwerks
Emma Stertz, Mt. Itasca/College of Saint Scholastica
Elizabeth Tuttle, Loppet Nordic Racing
Molly Moening, Minneapolis Ski Club
Johanna Craig, Lakeland
Mia Case, Lakeland
Fran Peterson, 4591 Sports Development
Annabel Stang, Nordicwerks

2019 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

5 JULY 2019

# First Name / Last Name / Affiliation

1. Jackson Adler / Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team
2. Patrick Acton / Michigan Tech University
3. Caden Albrecht / Loppet Nordic Racing
4. Roger Anderson / Loppet Nordic Racing
5. Stas Bednarski / Loppet Nordic Racing
6. Matt Bourne / Endurance United
7. Mitch Delong / Michigan Tech University
8. Michael Fraley / Copper Country Ski Tigers
9. Reed Goble / Michigan Tech University
10. Jasper Johnson / Ely Nordic Ski Team
11. Adriak Kraftson / Loppet Nordic Racing
12. Cooper Lennox / Loppet Nordic Racing
13. Luke MacKinnon / Loppet Nordic Racing
14. Peter Moore / Endurance United
15. Alex Nemeth / Loppet Nordic Racing
16. Isak Nightingale / Loppet Nordic Racing
17. Drew Sampson / NordicWerks
18. James Schneider / Loppet Nordic Racing
19. Henry Snider / Endurance United
20. Victor Sparks / Loppet Nordic Racing
21. Owen Williams / Iola Winter Sports Club
22. Joseph Wood / Copper Country Ski Tigers

1. Emma Albrecht / Loppet Nordic Racing
2. Lucinda Anderson / Loppet Nordic Racing
3. Samantha Benzing / College of St. Scholastica
4. Hannah Bettendorf / College of St. Scholastica
5. Regan Duffy / Ski Farm
6. Sudie Hall / Loppet Nordic Racing
7. Abigail Jarzin / Northern Michigan University
8. Anja Maijala / University of Alaska Fairbanks
9. Mara McCollor / Minneapolis Ski Club
10. Lauren McCollor / Minneapolis Ski Club
11. Molly Moening / Minneapolis Ski Club
12. Anabel Needham / Copper Country Ski Tigers
13. Sarah Olson / Loppet Nordic Racing
14. Libby Tuttle / Loppet Nordic Racing
15. Maria Velat / Copper Country Ski Tigers

2018 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

26 APRIL 2018

# First Name / Last Name / Age Group / Affiliation

1. Reid Goble, U20 / Michigan Tech
2. Xavier Mansfield, U23 / NMU
3. Patrick Acton, U20 / Michigan Tech
4. Torsten Brinkema, U20 / LNR
5. Anders Sonnesyn, U20 / Wayzata HS
6. Cooper Lennox, U18 / Mora HS
7. Peter Moore, U18 / Endurance United
8.James Schneider, U18 / LNR
9. Victor Sparks, U16 / LNR
10. Mitch Delong, U20 / Michigan Tech
11. Alex Nemeth, U18 / LNR
12. Caden Albrecht, U16 / Nordicwerks Ski Club
13. Eric Houck, U23 / Michigan Tech
14. Foss Kerker, U23 / Colby College
15. Joe Wood, U18 / Copper Coutry Ski Tigers
16. Sam Stertz, U18 / Mt. Itasca

1. Anja Maijala, U20 / Cloquet Ski Club
2. Erin Moening, U20 / NMU
3. Lucie Anderson, U20 / LNR
4. Mara McCollor, U20 / Wayzata HS
5. Sam Kurkowski, U20 / LNR
6. Libby Tuttle, U18 / LNR
7. Anni Skilicorn, U18 / LNR
8. Sam Benzing, U20 / Saint Scholastica
9. Leah Rudd, U18 / LNR
10. Sarah Olson, U18 / LNR
11. Mia Case, U16 / Lakeland Nordic
12. Mary Lyon, U20 / Vasa Ski Club
13. Sudie Hall, U16 / LNR
14. Lauren McCollor, U16 / Wayzata HS
15. Amelia Hauer, U18 / The Ski Farm
16. Gretchen Haggenmiller, U18 / Duluth XC Ski Club
17. Regan Duffy, U20 / The Ski Farm
18. Ericka Asmus, U20 / Superiorland Ski Club
19. Anabel Nedham, U18 / Copper Coutry Ski Tigers

2017 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

7 APRIL 2017

# First Name / Last Name / Age Group
1. Peter Moore, U16
2. Alexander Nameth, U16
3. Mitch Delong, U18
4. Xavier Mansfield, U20
5. Luc Golin, U18
6. James Schneider, U16
7. Reid Goble, U18
8. Nicolas Niemi, U16
9. Patrick Acton, U18
10. Foss Kerker, U20
11. Henry Hall, U16
12. Anders Sonnesyn, U18
13. Zak Ketterson, U20

1. Sarah Olson, U16
2. Margie Freed, U20
3. Hannah Rudd, U20
4. Lucy Anderson, U18
5. Dottie Anderson, U20
6. Kelly Koch, U20
7. Abby Jarzin, U18
8. Erin Moening, U18
9. Jenna Parent, U18
10. Mara McCollor, U18
11. Anja Maijala, U18
12. Libby Tuttle, U18
13. Anabel Needham, U16
14. Erica Asmus, U16
15. Mary Lyon, U18
16. Kasia Bednarski, U16
17. Renae Anderson, U20
18. Nichole Schneider, U20

2016 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

13 APRIL 2016

# Name Gender Age Group
1 Nicole Schneider / Female U20
2 Amanda Kautzer / Female U18
3 Erin Moening / Female U18
4 Renae Anderson / Female U18
5 Margie Freed / Female U20
6 Abbie Drach / Female U20
7 Kelly Koch / Female U16
8 Michaela Keller-Miller / Female U20
9 Kristine Keller-Miller / Female U20
10 Abigail Jarzin / Female U16
11 Ingrid Thyr / Female U20
12 Siri Bohacek / Female U16
13 Sarah Bezdiczek / Female U20
14 Vivian Hett / Female U20
15 Mattie Watts / Female U20
16 Sarah Goble / Female U20
17 Alayna Sonnesyn / Female U20
18 Anabel Needham / Female U16

1 Leo Hipp / Male U20
2 Zak Ketterson / Male U20
3 Cory Rouw / Male U20
4 Will Bodewes / Male U20
5 Anders Sonnesyn / Male U16
6 Xavier Mansfield / Male U18
7 Nick Gardner / Male U20
8 Mitchell Delong / Male U18
9 Matt Chard / Male U18
10 Reid Goble / Male U18
11 David Jaszcyak / Male U18

2015 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

02 APRIL 2015

Roster with Name, Division, Age Group and Coaches - View

Erin Moening, U16F
Kelly Koch, U16F
Anna Johnson, U16F
Abigail Jarzin, U16F
Mitch Delong, U16M
Patrick Acton, U16M
Anders Sonnesyn, U16M
Nicole Schnieder, U18F
Abbie Drach, U18F
Raquel Wohlk, U18F
Sarah Goble, U18F
Zak Ketterson, U18M
Mack Fitzpatrick, U18M
Leo Hipp, U18M
Cory Rouw, U18M
David Jaszcyak, U18M
Alayna Sonnesyn, U20F
Vivian Hett, U20F
Sarah Bezdicek, U20F
Caroline Brisbois, U20F
Allison Ternes, U20F
Anna French, U20F
Ian Torchia, U20M
Tom Bye, U20M
Tamer Mische-Richter, U20M

2014 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes and Camp Schedule

24 JUNE 2014


Tom Bye - CXC
Kristen Bourne - NMU
Sonja Hedblom - MTU
Maria Hauer - Flyers Nordic
Scott Harrison - LNR
Luke Brown- LNR
Andrew Egger - LNR
Nichole Bathe - CXC
Olivia Amber - Colby
Amy Bianco - Colby
Ian Torcia - LNR
Zak Ketterson - LNR
Vivian Hett - LNR
Caroline Brisbois - Endurance United
Racquel Wohlk - Nordicwerks
Alayna Sonnesyn - Endurance United
Mattie Watts - Endurance United
Sarah Bezdicek - LNR
Nick Gardner - Endurance United
Erin Moening - Endurance United
Claire Benton - LNR
Amanda Kautzer - LNR
Anna Johnson - Mesabi East
Hannah Rudd - LNR
Henry Gore - CXC
Heidi Schwab - GLD
Abby Potts - Marquette
Carolyn Lucca - MTU
Mitchell Delong - CCST
Isaac Stone - CCST
Dan Wood - CCST

Strength and Agility Testing

25 JULY 2013

- View test results

2013 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

24 JUNE 2013

1. Zak Ketterson - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
2. Jan Ketterson - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
3. Vivian Hett - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
4. Tom Bye - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
5. Rocky Wohlk - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
6. Oliva Amber - Northwestern/CXC (Andy Keller)
7. NIkki Reker - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
8. Nichole Bathe - Madison Nordic Ski Club/CXC (Yuriy Gusev/Igor Badamshin)
9. Kaley Shagen - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
10. Isaac Stone (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
11. Ian Torchia - SEMDEC
12. Hendrick Haataja (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
13. Harris Dirnberger - Loppet Nordic Racing/CXC (Piotr Bednarski/Igor Badamshin)
14. Evelyn Delong (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
15. Erin Lipp (GLD) - Traverse City Central High School
16. Delaney Fitzpatrick - Lakeland Union High School (Mike Bolger)
17. Blake Murray (GLD) - Superiorland Ski Club
18. Amy Bianco - Ely High School
19. Alayna Sonnesyn - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
20. Adam Martin - Knicker Nordic Ski Club/CXC (John Hugus/Igor Badamshin)

2012 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

24 JUNE 2012

1. Adam Martin - Knicker Nordic Ski Club/CXC (John Hugus/Igor Badamshin)
2. Alayna Sonnesyn - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
3. Ben Saxton - Minnesota Valley Ski Team/FAST (Ried Lutter/Bill Pierce)
4. Claire Galvin - Go! Training (Piotr Bednarski)
5. Felicia Gesior - NMU (Sten Feldheim)
6. Harris Dirnberger - GO! Training/CXC (Piotr Bednarski/Igor Badamshin)
7. Jan Ketterson - Minnesota Valley Ski Team/FAST (Ried Lutter/Bill Pierce)
8. Kyle Bratrud - NMU (Sten Feldheim)
9. Nicole Bathe - Madison Nordic Ski Club/CXC (Yuriy Gusev/Igor Badamshin)
10. Nicolette Amber - Middlebury College/CXC (?/Igor Badamshin)
11. Racquel Wohlk - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
12. Sharmila Ahmed - CSS (Chad Salmela)
13. Steve Hokanson - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
14. Zach Goldberg - Minnesota Valley Ski Team (Ried Lutter)