Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) will provide an opportunity for qualified, talented young juniors from the Midwest and Great Lakes Divisions to compete amongst their peers at the 2023 Nordiq Canada Ski Nationals in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, at Lappe Nordic on March 10-17.

* U18 / U16 Trips will be combined for 2023

2023 Trip Information and Commitment Packet

Team Itinerary and Trip Information

Team Size

The team will be comprised of four U16 boys and four U16 girls for a total team size of 8 junior athletes from each Division.

Team Selection Criteria

The team will be selected by using the Midwest and Great Lakes Junior National U16 qualifying list.

Team Announcement

The Great Lakes and Midwest Division Junior Leadership announce the team for the CXC U16 Championship Trip at the end of the final CXC Cup race of the season.


All selected athletes will compete in team race suit and vests to represent CXC Midwest and Great Lakes Divisions as a team. Coaches will receive vests.


A Trip Leader/Divisional Co-Head Coach and an Assistant Trip Leader/Divisional Co-Head Coach will be selected at the Spring Congress, 2 more assistant coaches will be chosen from applications in the Fall.
The selected staff for the 2023 combined GLD and MW U18 / U16 trip to Thunder Bay, Canada will be 50% female and 50% male with a focus on continuing to develop coaches from our region.

2023 Trip Leader/Head Coach: Kris Bjerkness, Endurance United
Head of Wax Service: Jacob Huseby, Madnorski
Wax Staff: Callie Knapp, Endurance United

Age-group Coaches:
Nick Reckinger, Bay Nordic (GLD)
Katie Eichten, Spooner Rails on Trails (GLD)
Jasmine Wiley, Bay Nordic (GLD)
Andrew Johnson, Chippewa Valley Nordic (GLD)
Tyler Fish, Ely Nordic (MW)
Lisa Garretson, Loppet Nordic Racing (MW)
Margie Nelson, Endurance United (MW)
Paula Anderson, Ely Nordic (MW)

Note: each coach is a volunteer who is excited to be part of helping junior athletes to have a great experience on the trip.

CXC CoVid-19 Mitigation Guidelines

Midwest, Great Lakes, U16 and U18 trip leadership members approved CXC CoVid-19 Mitigation Guidelines for 2023 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Junior National Championships and CXC U16/U18 Trips.

View Guidelines

2023 Teams

Each year, CXC organizes a team of U16 and U18 skiers to compete nationally or internationally and represent two Central Region divisions: Midwest and Great Lakes. This year the team of 32 skiers and 10 coaches will attend the Nordiq Canada Ski Nationals in Thunder Bay, Ontario, from March 10-17.

2022 Teams

Midwest Division - Men
Boden Sundell, Loppet Nordic Racing
Daniel Gladkov, Loppet Nordic Racing
Eddie Snider, Minneapolis Ski Club
Eric Anderson, Red Wing Nordic

Midwest Division - Women
Hannah Wilsey
Taylor Barkwell, Loppet Nordic Racing
Helen Townley, Loppet Nordic Racing
Amelie Isom, Minneapolis Ski Club

Great Lakes Division - Men
Birk Sengren, Copper Country Ski Tigers
Ben Buchmann, Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team
Theo Hubanks, Blackhawk Ski Club
Finnian Stringer, Madison Nordic Ski Club

Great Lakes Division - Women
Robin Kisiel, Copper Country Ski Tigers
Ella Debruyn, Vasa Ski Club
Margret Bennett, Wausau Night Gliders
Maija Rourke, Ishpeming Ski Club

2020 Teams

Midwest Division - Men
Jonathan Nemeth - Loppet Nordic Racing
Thomas Mulford - Loppet Nordic Racing
Samuel Folland - South Suburban Training Group
Andrew DeFor - Loppet Nordic Racing

Midwest Division - Women
Sierra Larson - Loppet Nordic Racing
Evelyn Hudrlik - NordicWerks SkiKlubb
Lauren Munger - Loppet Nordic Racing
Annabelle Stang - NordicWerksSkiKlubb

Great Lakes Division - Men
Beckett Chambers - Bay Nordic
Cyrus Hamlin - Copper Country Ski Tigers
Grant Rocheleau - ANST
Alek Zavadoski - Wausau Nordic United

Great Lakes Division - Women
Sage Chimner - Copper Country Ski Tigers
Grace Kern - Lakeland Nordic
Annie Paulson - VASA Ski Club
Madyson Rosenberger - Chippewa Valley Nordic

2019 Teams

Midwest Division - Men
Jakob Craig / Lakeland Nordic Ski Team
Aidan Earll / Wausau Nordic United
Magnus O'Connor / Loppet Nordic Racing
Noah Straka / Peak Nordic Ski Club

Midwest Division - Women
Lily Brown / Duluth XC / CXC Junior Development Program
Nina Chosy / Madison Nordic Ski Club / CXC Junior Development Program
Spirit Hess / Bay Nordic
Elsa Viren / Peak Nordic

Great Lakes Division - Men
Mike Fraley / Copper Country Ski Tigers
Cyrus Hamlin / Copper Country Ski Tigers
Rubin Hatfield / Superiorland Ski Club
Chase Stah / Superiorland Ski Club

Great Lakes Division - Women
Autumn Eles / Copper Country Ski Tigers
Ingrid Seagren / Copper Country Ski Tigers
Maraia Velat / Copper Country Ski Tigers