Junior Nationals

The Great Lakes Division (GLD) Junior Committee is the governing body of Great Lakes Junior National Team and responsible for naming a team of athletes to compete at the yearly U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Skiing Junior National Championships (JNs). All criteria, operating procedures and rules for Great Lakes junior skiing are development and set forth by the GLD Junior Committee. This includes but is not limited to the governance of the Great Lakes Junior National Team and Junior National Qualifying Races.

The Great Lakes Junior National Team athletes are selected based on a Regional Points and Rankings List generated from the results of the Junior National Qualifying (JNQ) races.

The CXC Junior Cup's Goal is to provide an opportunity for junior racers to be exposed to high level regional and national level racing. The Junior Cup events should offer junior athletes an opportunity to improve their U.S. Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List and possibly FIS profiles. The Junior Cup should be welcoming to all and even those not aspiring to make a JN team are encouraged to compete against their top peers in the region. But, it is not necessary for all junior skiers to be involved in series wide, trying a race in your home area for a introduction to CXC Cup racing is a great way for a junior skier to test themselves and see where their competition is at. More importantly, racers should have non series races available to them locally to make a sound schedule. The Goal of the Midwest and Great Lakes Junior Teams is to introduce and elevate regionally successful athletes to the National racing scene.