The CXC Youth Cup is sanctioned and scored by Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) and features a series of exciting events in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Since its beginning in the winter of 2014, the CXC Youth Cup promotes the growth and development of youth cross country ski racers, helping young athletes acquire the fundamental skills and positive mindset required for cross country ski racing.

The CXC Youth Cup provides a fun, encouraging environment that motivates youth athletes ages 10-13 (U12 and U14 age groups) to succeed in attaining their goals. Participating athletes meet many new Nordic friends and learn how to successfully progress through the competitive skiing pipeline with the support of friends, families, clubs, and race organizers.

CXC Youth Cup


1. Click to view CXC Youth Cup Rules and Scoring System

2. Participation in any CXC Youth Cup event does not necessitate a membership. Athletes in the U12 and U14 racing age groups of the CXC Youth Cup will accumulate points and earn rankings.

3. The Youth General Membership offers advantageous race seeding, determined by points and rankings, specifically for U12 and U14 skiers. The membership is optional.

4. All CXC Youth Cup events are restricted to non-fluorinated glide waxes, and subject to the CXC Cup Wax policy.

5. The Youth Cup races will feature age groups for U12 and U14, and there may be additional age groups for U8 and U10 depending on scheduling and the organizers' capacity to accommodate them. For more details, please refer to the websites of the race organizers.

6. The registration deadlines for all CXC Youth Cup races, which are held alongside the CXC Junior Cup, are uniform. Online registration closes at 10:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the race.

7. Normally, you can find a tentative schedule on each race organizer's website. After registration closes, an official Registration List is published on the timing contractor's website. On Friday, following the Coaches meeting, a comprehensive Start List with specific start times will be made available.

8. Racing Age Group is defined by competitor's age as of December 31st.

U10 (8-9 year olds)
U12 (10-11 year olds)
U14 (12-13 year olds)
U16 (14-15 year olds)
U18 (16-17 year olds)
U20 (18-19 year olds)
U23 age group (20, 21 & 22 year olds)
Senior Age Group (23-29 year olds)

9. Skiers aged under 14 who achieve a top 5 ranking on the CXC Youth Cup Divisional Ranking List will receive an invitation to participate in a CXC Dream Camp.


The Youth General Membership offers advantageous race seeding for U12 and U14 skiers, determined by points and rankings on the Divisional Ranking List. It also grants medal recognition to U8, U10, U12, and U14 skiers at designated entry-level regional competitions included in the CXC Youth Cup.

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CXC Dream Camp invitations will be extended to U14 skiers who achieved a top 5 ranking on the CXC Youth Cup Divisional Ranking List.

This exclusive camp aims to gather talented young athletes from our region, providing them with training opportunities, valuable feedback, educational resources, and a broader perspective on Nordic ski racing. Additionally, Dream Camp will offer participants the chance to observe certain aspects of the Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp, offering a glimpse into what lies ahead for these aspiring athletes.

July 10-14, 2024 / Cable (WI)

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