Nordic Rocks for Schools

The Nordic Rocks for Schools program was developed to introduce a new generation of students to the excitement found in the sport of cross country skiing.

Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) is committed to growing the sport of cross country skiing with participants of all ages and abilities. The Nordic Rocks for Schools program allows elementary, middle and high school students to experience skiing during physical education classes, recess, and after-school programs. Participants are able to ski on any outdoor surface covered with a minimum of two inches of snow.

Offering simple and affordable equipment is a critical component of our goal in building the base of the sport, and creating lifelong participants in Nordic skiing. The Nordic Rocks Universal Ski Package is touring equipment designed for youth and adults who are new to skiing. The package includes 120 cm (47 inches) or 160 cm (63 inches) wood-core skis with fish-scales, and a snowshoe style step-in binding system with three spring buckles that fits any size boot or shoe, and adjustable aluminum poles (90-130 cm / 35-51 inches). The equipment is easy to use, store, and maintain. In addition, the Nordic Rocks adjustable poles are perfect for Nordic Walking adventures and activities - although many schools have great success running the program without poles.

CXC is currently unable to subsidize Nordic Rocks equipment for schools, but we have designed and produced a ski package that is much lower in cost than other cross country ski equipment. Many schools have been successful acquiring supplemental funds through local community and family foundations, service organizations, and business sponsorships. If the equipment is not affordable for your school, please contact us as we may be able to offer ideas for additional funding. Enrollment in Nordic Rocks is free, and requires submission of a very brief enrollment form which spells out our responsibilities to your school to help ensure a successful program. The enrollment also outlines some simple commitments from participating schools, including submission of pre- and post-season participation information which is important for our funders.

Upon enrollment, CXC will provide access to the Nordic Rocks Resource Center, which includes lesson plans, activity guides, skills progressions, how-to videos and equipment instructions, as well as award-winning ideas from other Nordic Rocks teachers.

We would like to invite you to collaborate with us in our efforts to grow the sport of cross country skiing with a new generation!

Nordic Rocks for Retail Stores Program


In 2018 CXC's Nordic Rocks program received U.S. Ski & Snowboard's prestigious Russell Wilder Award which is presented annually to recognize the most outstanding effort in America in focusing the interest of youth on skiing.

Nordic Rocks Receives Russell Wilder Award


In 2020 CXC's Nordic Rocks program participated in the SnowKidz Awards competition hosted by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and walked away with the 4th place in the world!


The Nordic Rocks program has given my students an opportunity to try cross country skiing while at school; many of them would never have had the chance to experience the fun and excitement found in the sport without this program. It's really an awesome opportunity to ski at school!

- Carrie Furey, PE teacher at Greenland Elementary in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


The Nordic Rocks for Schools Program has made an impact on thousands of new skiers by enrolling over 140 schools across the Midwest region.

The community organizations, businesses, and contributors who help to financially support the Nordic Rocks program are the vital link to the partnership, and are instrumental in further creating a culture of skiing within their communities.

By becoming a Supporter Member, you are able to provide one pair of Nordic Rocks skis to an elementary ski program! At least 10 unique students will use YOUR pair of skis on average of 50 times in one season.

With your generous contributions, we hope the Nordic Rocks program will continue to grow and excite schools throughout Midwestern communities about skiing!