#92- 1st Place (Jason White - Elmhurst, IL)
#171 - 2nd Place (Scott Putman - Green Bay, WI)
#50 - 3rd Place (Mike Collins - Madison, WI)


Thanks to the remarkable generosity of our partner, the drawing winner will have the privilege of selecting a prized possession from an exhilarating lineup of TREK bikes, which includes:

- Trek Fuel EX 9.8 XT Gen 6 Trail
- Madone SL 7 Road
- Checkpoint SL 7 AXS Gravel
- Farley 9 Winter Edition Fat Bike

* The total MSRP of the bikes and their components is between $3,700-$7,000. It cannot be exchanged for credit.


Rudy Project Cutline Sunglasses
(Frame: White Gloss)


Rudy Project Protera + Cycling Helmet
(Size: S/M, L Color: White Matte)

2023 CXC Bike Drawing Flyer

Join us in spreading the word about this exciting chance to win a fabulous TREK bike and contribute to a meaningful initiative. Download and share the flyer, - thank you!

The TREK bike drawing fundraiser will support the CXC Adaptive Program, which aims to produce and distribute adaptive sit-ski equipment to assist people with disabilities in learning and experiencing cross-country skiing.

We have 250 limited edition tickets available for purchase at a price of $100 each. Starting on May 10, the tickets will be up for sale, and sales will cease once all 250 tickets are sold. Participants have the opportunity to "adopt" a rubber duck by purchasing a ticket with a corresponding number.

A winner will be selected during a drawing on Monday, July 17. The drawing process will be a live-streamed rubber duck race in which we will race all ducks at once. The winner is determined by the numbered rubber duck that crosses a predetermined point in the water first.

Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) will contact the winner of the TREK bike drawing via email and phone to confirm their bike selection and sizing and make arrangements for delivery.

"Our son got to enjoy the Nordic sit ski received through the CXC program. The shorter skis and lighter frame allowed him to make easier turns. It worked well for him, and he had a really good time!"

- Silviana Marculescu, Edmonds, WA

"Thank you so much for all that you did to help Adapted Fitness clients and students this past fall to get back into the sport of cross-country skiing! After a three-year absence‹due to the COVID-19 pandemic--Adapted Fitness clients and student volunteers from Leadership in Adapted Fitness made a triumphant return to the ParaBirkie on February 24th, and we absolutely have you to thank for that victory. From the presentation you gave to the training tips to the use of your beautiful facility in Middleton, we greatly appreciate your support. The joy and energy that surrounded everyone who participated is readily apparent in all the photos and messages I have received over the past 24 hours. Again, thank you for everything!"

- Kecia Doyle, University of Wisconsin Adapted Fitness Program Director

With each $500, we can produce and supply a complete set of equipment, including:

- A sit-ski frame
- Cross-country skis compatible with the frame
- A pair of adjustable ski poles

Building upon our ongoing initiatives, the results of last year's fundraiser allowed us to distribute 13 sit-skis to a diverse range of beneficiaries, including schools, community organizations, and private individuals in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

This outreach expanded our impact and allowed more individuals to enjoy outdoor winter activities. By continuing to receive your invaluable support, we can persist in making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of people with disabilities not only in these regions but also in communities far and wide.